Coming up Next in the Series “The Last Time”

Jack KempElbert Dubenion

(Photo Jack Kemp who was born on this day July 13, 1935 was the main QB along with Daryle Lamonica in a game against the New York Jets October 24, 1964 in which the Bills Elbert Dubenion became this 1st player in Buffalo Bills history to have over 200 yards receiving in a single game with five catches for 218 yards and two touchdowns in the 34-24 Bills win.)

Good afternoon football fans. Coming up next in the series “The Last Time”, I will take a look at each franchise and see when was the last time that each team featured a 200 yard receiver in a single game.

Will there be large time gaps in between games? Which teams have featured the most? What team has gone the longest without a 200 yard receiver?

Tune in tomorrow for the first half of “The Last Time: A Franchise Featured a 200 Yard Receiver in a Single Game” this week’s feature in the series “The Last Time”.


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