DeSean Jackson

Yesterday we got to see the first 16 teams that have had the most recent 200 yard games by a receiver. Eight teams had its “Last Time” in 2014. The other eight teams featured yesterday were spread out over three seasons from 2013 back through 2011.

The second half of our countdown begins in the 2010 season and goes all the way back…to 1965. Which team has not had an individual game with a 200 yard receiver in 49 years? Read on to find out.

17: 67 Games – Philadelphia Eagles. DeSean Jackson (above) blew through the Dallas Cowboys defense December 12, 2010 with 210 yards in only four catches. Jackson grabbed a 60 yarder on the first play of the game, a 37 yard catch in the second quarter, a reception good for another 22 yards in the third quarter and then broke an intermediate route for a 91 yard touchdown to give the Eagles the lead for good in the final quarter. Philly won 30-27. For Jackson it was his fourth game over 100 yards in 2010 and helped him to record his second 1,000 yard season.

Britt-Eagles18: 73 Games – Tennessee Titans. Second year receiver Kenny Britt was open and had the Philadelphia Eagles’ number October 24, 2010. Britt caught seven passes for 225 yards and three touchdowns of 26, 80 and 16 yards. The last two scores were part of a 27 point fourth quarter barrage that gave the Titans a 37-19 win after trailing 19-10 going into the final stanza. For Britt it was his first game over 100 yards for the season and his first and only career 200 yard game. He finished the year with a career high 775 yards.

Malcom Floyd, Stanford Routt19: 75 Games – San Diego Chargers. At 6’5″ Malcolm Floyd could get the extra reach he needed to grab eight passes for 213 yards and a 41 yard touchdown October 10, 2010 vs. the Oakland Raiders. That’s right on 10/10/10 of his sixth season in the NFL, Floyd registered just his third career triple digit game and first of the season. The Raiders ended up pulling out the win scoring the final 13 points of the 35-27 victory. The most yards Malcolm Floyd has gained in a game since, 127 yards against…you guessed it the Raiders 01/01/12. Floyd has a thing for the zeros and ones, and the Raiders. He has never had a 1,000 yard season.

Sidney Rice20: 87 Games – Minnesota Vikings. It was Brett Favre’s first season in Minnesota and his favorite target for the year was receiver Sidney Rice. In a match-up with division foe Detroit November 15, 2009 Rice nabbed seven passes for 201 yards. And even though he never reached the end zone five of his catches went for 20 or more yards and three were good for 43, 43 and 56. The Vikings won the game 27-10. Rice was an absolute burner for Favre in what became a career year for the oft-injured receiver. Rice had never recorded a 100 yard game until ’09 and finished the year with four triple digit performances on his way to 1,312 yards in his only Pro Bowl season.

Lee Evans21: 134 Games – Buffalo Bills. We drift a little further back to find the last time for the Bills. Back to November 19, 2006 and Lee Evans setting a franchise record 265 yards against the Houston Texans. Evans exploded out of the gate and showed the Texans that they must respect his speed recording two 83 yard touchdowns in the first quarter. Evans became only the fourth player in NFL history to record two touchdowns of 80 yards or more in the same quarter. He was the first (and so far only) to have both by receptions. Evans enjoyed a career year in 2006 with 1,292 yards.

Steve Smith22: 154 Games – Carolina Panthers. Steve Smith had a great career in Carolina and can be easily argued as the best player in franchise history. Smith is also the only player to register a 200 yard receiving game in Panthers history. It occurred October 30, 2005 in a game against the Minnesota Vikings. For Smith it was a comeback year after missing most of 2004 with an injury. It was his fifth (of nine) 100 yard games of the season and just barely squeaking over the two century mark with his final catch, a six yarder in the fourth, to finish with 11 catches for 201 yards and one TD. Smith led the league in ’05 with 103 receptions for 1,563 yards and 12 touchdowns.

St Louis Rams v New York Giants23: 156 Games – New York Giants. Just two games prior to the Panthers “Last Time” for a 200 yard receiver was the Giants “Last Time”. October 2, 2005 Plaxico Burress beat up a struggling St. Louis Rams squad with 11 catches for 204 yards and two touchdowns. The Giants dominated the game winning 44-24 as the Rams committed five turnovers in what turned out to be Marshall Faulk’s final season. Burress became a big reliable target for Eli Manning as Plax finished his first season in The Big Apple with 1,214 yards.

Torry Holt24: 184 Games – St. Louis Rams. And speaking of the Rams, the much traveled franchise is next up on the list. For a team that has had the most individual 200 yard receiving games (16) of any team in the NFL, it hasn’t had such a performance since Torry Holt November 2, 2003. Holt torched the San Francisco 49ers with 11 grabs for 200 yards and a touchdown. The 49ers came out with the win 30-10 at home giving the Rams one of only four losses that year. For Holt, it was his second career 200 yard game and came right smack in the middle of a career season. Holt finished 2003 with ten 100 yard games on his way to leading the NFL with 117 catches for 1,696 which was at the time the fifth highest single season total in NFL History.

Anquan Boldin25: 191 Games – Arizona Cardinals. Anquan Boldin was the last receiver for the 49ers to have a 200 yard game and the same is true for his first team the Arizona Cardinals. This game was almost 10 years to the day earlier September 7, 2003 and it was his first game as a rookie for the Cards. Boldin began his career with a bruising explosion against the Detroit Lions with 10 catches for 217 yards and touchdowns of 7 and 71 yards. Despite the physical beat down from the rookie receiver, Joey Harrington threw four touchdown passes (his career best) as the Lions got the win 42-24. Boldin went on to finish the year with a rookie record 101 catches for 1,377 yards on his way to winning Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Plaxico Burress26: 200 Games – Pittsburgh Steelers. We just saw Anquan Boldin appear on this list for a second time and now so will Plaxico Burress. Just three years prior to having the last 200 yard game for the Giants, Burress did the same for Pittsburgh. November 10, 2002 Burress set a franchise record with 253 yards on nine catches and two scores in a game that ended in a 34-34 tie against the Atlanta Falcons. Plax finished the season with personal bests of 78 receptions for 1,325 yards.

Rod Gardner27: 218 Games – Washington Redskins. Drifting back to one year earlier is where you will find the “Last Time” the Redskins featured a game with a 200 yard receiving performance. Rookie Rod Gardner was the man of the day October 21, 2001 against the Carolina Panthers with 6 catches for 208 yards and the game tying 85 yard touchdown catch from Tony Banks in the fourth. Washington would get the win with a field goal in OT. For Gardner it was his only triple digit yard game of the season as he finished the year with 741 yards.

Qadry Ismail28: 243 Games – Baltimore Ravens. For Baltimore and its new found history in the ’90s, it didn’t take long to get its first 200 yard receiving performance. But it would also be its last. December 12, 1999 with Qadry Ismail in a late season match-up against heated rival Pittsburgh. Ismail displayed the speed that gave him the nickname “The Missile” and helped propel him to a career renaissance as a receiver. He grabbed six passes for 258 yards and scores of 54, 59 and 76 yards as the Ravens won 31-24. After not catching a pass for two seasons, Ismail led Baltimore with 68 receptions for 1,105 yards and six touchdowns.

Torrance Small29: 320 Games – New Orleans Saints. In the previous chapter of the “Last Time” we saw that the “Last Time” the Broncos allowed a 200 yard receiver was to Torrance Small of the Saints in 1994. Well that just also happens to be the “Last Time” the Saints have featured a 200 yard receiver. Even with Drew Brees and his 5,000 yard passing seasons, no Saints player has eclipsed the two century mark in a game since Christmas Eve of 1994. Torrance Small caught six passes for 200 yards and two scores from the blazing arm of Jim Everett. The Saints won the tight ball game 30-28. Small never had a 1,000 yard season but he did set a career high with 719 yards in 1994.

PaigeStephone330: 398 Games – Kansas City Chiefs. Stephone Paige was no stranger to gaining a lot of yards in a game. In 1985 Paige broke Jim Benton’s 40 year old record when he gained 309 yards in a game against the Chargers. Five years later September 17, 1990 Paige went over 200 for the second time in his career with 10 catches for 206 yards and two scores against the Denver Broncos. His touchdowns of 16 and 83 yards came in the fourth quarter to give the Chiefs a two point lead. However, John Elway took Denver right back down the field to get the winning field goal from David Treadwell. 1990 was Paige’s first 1,000 yard season (1,021) and it would be his last as injuries forced him to miss 13 games in 1991 and then he retired.

Steve Largent31: 442 Games – Seattle Seahawks. Next up is a team that spent many years in the AFC West with the Chiefs. Seattle’s first and last 200 yard individual receiving performance came from Hall of Famer Steve Largent October 18, 1987. Against the Detroit Lions, Largent crossed the NFL Players Picket Line and showed the replacement players why he was a Hall of Famer and one of the best receivers of All-Time. Catching passes from Jeff Kemp, Largent grabbed 15 receptions for a franchise record 261 yards and three first quarter touchdowns. Seattle dominated the final strike game 37-14.
Art Powell vs Oilers32: 761 Games – Oakland Raiders. And now we hit the way-way back machine as another team from the AFC West rounds out the list. For the Raiders who have had a history of speed on the outside and Al Davis in the background yelling “Let’s go deep,” Oakland has not had an individual player with a 200 yard game since the Old AFL days October 8, 1965 from Art Powell. Two years earlier, Powell became the first Raider to record a 200 yard game with 247 in a shootout victory over the Houston Oilers. This time it was a game against the Boston Patriots and Powell finished with 11 catches for 206 yards and two touchdowns as the Raiders won 24-10. Powell caught a 47 yard touchdown from Tom Flores for the first score of the game. The man nicknamed “King Pin” was an AFL star. Five 1,000 yard seasons splitting time between the New York Titans (later the Jets) and the Raiders, he led the league twice in receiving yards and touchdowns and was voted to four Pro Bowls and twice named an All-Pro. At the time of his retirement in 1968 only Don Maynard had more career yards in the AFL.

Art Powell diving

Art Powell showing off his reach

Hard to believe that the Raiders have not had a 200 yard receiver in a single game since 1965. Even with players like Fred Biletnikoff, Cliff Branch, Todd Christiansen, James Lofton, Willie Gault, James Jett, Andre Rison, Tim Brown and Jerry Rice in the franchise listing of greats no one has done it since Art Powell almost 50 years ago.

Can the Raiders get a great performance this season? Or maybe the Seahawks will finally get a non-strike game for its group. The Chiefs could also remind everyone that last season was a fluke with no wide out catching a touchdown pass and also get that big game yardage for the first time in a quarter century. Or quite possibly one of the teams at the top of the list just might roll it over and start counting again.

Who knows. But that is part of the fun of watching and waiting to see history happen.


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