Scott Hall
Huntington, WV

Bio: Hello everyone. My name is Scott Hall. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Marshall University and a Master's in Sports Administration from Marshall as well. I have several years of experience in radio broadcasting calling football, men's and women's basketball and softball including the past 4 CUSA Softball Tournaments solo. I am also the Volunteer Coach with Marshall Softball and have been involved with the team since the Fall of 2003 first as Student Manager, Graduate Manager, Director of Operations and now Volunteer Coach. I have also done a lot of video production for the team including a video modeled after the NFL Films series "America's Game" about our 2013 Championship team called "The Story of the 2013 Marshall Softball Team". I have been fascinated with NFL History since I was 8 years old. Conversations with my Dad, watching anything NFL Films produced and football cards captivated me and still do. Always trying to read, watch or research anything I could about the history of the league. I started this page because I love to spread knowledge about the past greats of the game and remind people that there were so many that came before the players who are on the field today. If you are interested in my writing, narration or video production services you can contact me at my email hall133@live.marshall.edu. You can also follow me on twitter @scotthall82

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